The Top 5 Myths Surrounding Use Of Human Pheromones

If you are not an individual who is “in the know”, it is likely that the idea or at least the term ‘human pheromones’ can be a confusing one. In fact, the world of human pheromone use is a rather complicated one filled with suspicion by many individuals and a strong feeling of uncertainty. Unfortunately, not much research has been conducted on this item and only those individuals who take a strong interest in pheromones would seek out the true information on the item. To clear the fogginess and provide some insight into pheromones this article approaches the various myths associated with use of human pheromones.

1. Human Pheromones Do Not Work And Are Scams

One of the greatest and most common myths is that human pheromone products do not work and are scams. Unfortunately, this myth does present with a small degree of truth as there are numerous products such as Nexus Pheromones claiming to have human pheromones as an ingredient when they do not. As a result of this, the product will not work as necessary. This is one method to scam people out of their money as individuals will pay a large amount to purchase items with human pheromones included in the product.

Methods to avoid being scammed are to increase knowledge of what has and does not have human pheromones as an ingredient. The three primary pheromone substances include androstenone, androstenol, and androsterone. If a product claims to, and actually does, contain one of these compounds it will operate as required of pheromones. However, to ensure the product contains the item it is necessary to check the product ingredients before each purchase.

2. The Greater The Cost, The Better

Many people have been convinced that the greater the cost of the product, the greater the amount of human pheromones included and the more effective it will be. This is a complete and utter lie. In many situations with all forms of products, the efficiency of the item does not depend on the size of the bottle but merely the ingredient within the substance.

3. The Human Body Produces A Sufficient Amount Of Pheromones

Contrary to popular belief, the human body does not give off pheromones; at least, not a sufficient amount to be noticeable. While the term may be human pheromones and many consider this to be an element from the produced pheromones in the human body, it is not completely true. Human pheromones are produced in very small amounts and are hard to notice or have any effect on the body at all. To create the pheromone product, scientists will synthesize pheromones and place them in a bottle for the human to use. The results will be an effect on the opposite sex which may not have been obtained using organically internally produced pheromones.

4. Human Pheromones Can Cause The Opposite Sex To Become Attracted To You

While human pheromones may provide a boost in physical attractiveness, it cannot guarantee an increased attraction from the opposite sex. This is due to the fact that all members of the opposite sex have a particular “type” to which they feel sexually and psychologically attracted. For example, you may be Chris Hemsworth but this may not boost attraction of your desired lady because Chris Hemsworth is “not her type”. Do not expect pheromones to help in this department.

5. Human Pheromones Only Use The Sense Of Smell

This is potentially the greatest myth of all myths related to the use of human pheromones. For a human pheromone to operate it requires one or two catalysts; a catalyst being an item that causes activity or activity without itself to be affected. For example, an individual whose enthusiasm causes others to be friendly and enthusiastic. The most common catalyst for pheromones is looks and if an individual looks at your appearance they should feel attractive due to the pheromones increasing and accelerating the attraction.


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